What We Do

A Community of Pluralists

When you join The Pluralists Club, you will be part of a group of people who, like you, are looking to develop or enhance a plural life, who understand your goals and can support you as you build your own Pluralist life.


Membership of a Private Members Club in London

As a member you will be eligible to join our private members club in Piccadilly. This will be your “office” away from home - a great place to work, relax and host meetings.  The club also offers discounted room rates for its members.

An Online Community

As a member of The Pluralists Club, you will be part of our Pluralists online commnity where you can interact with other members and find out information on different plural opportunities, including many remunerated NED roles.

A Programme of Events

As a member of The Pluralists Club, you will be able to attend all of our events, each of which is designed to help you to develop the tools you need to build a successful pluralist life.

Click here to see our full programme of events for the coming year



We hold Masterclasses several times a month focusing on topics we think will help you to develop your Pluralist career. Recent Masterclasses have covered angel investing, coaching & mentoring, consulting, NEDs, turning your hobby into a business and becoming an influencer.  In these Masterclasses we reveal the secrets to optimising them from both a career development perspective and financially.

Insight Evenings

Several times a month we invite interesting speakers whose own experiences we hope will inspire our members.  Previous speakers have included members of the House of Lords, cashed out entrepreneurs, authors and many more…


The Pluralists Opportunities Club

Once a month we invite a small number of businesses looking to fill senior roles to pitch at our Pluralists Opportunities Club.  Many of these roles are C-level, advisory board or NED roles in exciting companies with high growth potential.  Non-members are welcome to attend.  

Click here to find out more about upcoming events.


Learn New Skills

We hold regular sessions to help Pluralists improve their core competencies.  These include topics such as financial planning when you have multiple income streams and ways of building capital; optimising your personal brand; improving your communications & marketing techniques; and time management.  Each class is tailored to ensure that you will be more productive than you could have otherwise been.


Social events

Every month we hold several social events which we try to make as unusual as they are entertaining. Recent events include taking a rib up the Thames, wine tasting, chocolate-making, a tour of Georgian London and a day going from 'Tate to Tate'.


  Added Benefits


Business Cards 

Our Pluralists Club business cards will help to give you a brand identity now that you do not have a corporate logo!

The Pluralists Portfolio Life MBA

Click here to find out more about The Pluralists Portfolio Life MBA

IT Support

Members are eligible to sign up to receive complimentary 24/7 IT support via our dedicated provider.

Wine Club

As part of your membership we will make a monthly payment into a wine club for you to spend as you wish on lovely wine!

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